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  1. How much does it cost?   
    The cost to attend the 2024 Forge Retreat is $105 + $5.63 processing fee. 

  2. Who can attend the forge retreat? 
    The Forge Retreat is open to all incoming freshman and transfer students to the Birmingham area schools such as UAB, Samford, Jeff State, and Montevallo!


  3. What if I don't know know anyone else coming to the retreat?   
    You are not alone! Many people coming to The Forge Retreat don't know anyone else either and there will be plenty of ways to make new friends! You'll be assigned a family group, be rooming with others (gender specific), enjoy meal times, and experience many more fun options during the retreat!!!


  4. How do i get to the retreat?  
    You can either drive yourself, carpool with friends, or be dropped off and picked up by someone else.


  5. What will the food be like?   
    Meals will be provided by The Forge Retreat staff. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know and we will be able to work with you!


  6. What do i need to bring?   
    You will be sent an email with a packing list closer to the time of the retreat.

further questions?

You can reach out to our Head of Registration at

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