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Ministry Partners

We believe the local church is a vital part of your walk with Christ in college. Through the ministry fair, main speakers, and your counselors, this retreat helps students experience the community found in Birmingham through churches and campus ministries before even stepping foot on campus.


meet our partners below!

If you're interested in becoming a ministry Partner you can reach out to our Head of Logistics at

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The Ministry Fair

The Ministry Fair takes place on the second day of the retreat. This is a time when local churches and ministries set up tables and tell students about who they are, what they do, and when they meet. Hopefully, students leave the fair with more of an idea about a church or ministry to visit and have traded contacts with someone there! Our hope through this is to help you get vibrantly involved in a local church or ministry early in your time in Birmingham.

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Main Sessions

At the retreat, you will get to hear from local ministers from a variety of churches and ministries. They will teach about who Christ is and what it means to live for Him in college. We call these Main Sessions. Before each session, we have the opportunity to worship with a band comprised of students from different churches in the area.  Our hope in this collaborative effort of so many churches and ministries is to help you see the unity of the Body of Christ in Birmingham!

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ministry partners

  • montevallo baptist campus ministry 

  • christ fellowship church 

  • philadelphia baptist church 

  • The Church at Brook Hills

  • Gardendale First Baptist - SUB25 

  • Hunter Street College (Hunter Street Baptist Church)

  • Dawson College Ministry

  • Shades Mountain Baptist Church

  • Campus outreach- uab 

  • campus outreach- birmingham southern 

  • Briarwood Presbyterian Church

  • Valleydale church

  • The station church 

  • river chase baptist church

  • Fellowship of christian athletes

  • iron city church

  • Campus outreach- miles college 

  • ruf- samford

  • redeemer community church 

  • uab baptist campus ministry 

  • Birmingham southern bapstist campus ministry 

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For more information regarding the qualifications to be a ministry partner of the Forge Retreat click here.

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